Age of Deceit Video Project #2

This video is on Satanic Origin of Secret Societies.


There are men disseminated into the fabric of society who come together in an underground, secret network. They work together believing that they are making a positive impact on humanity. But there is the heart of the deception. The real purpose for these groups is to help carry out the plan of Lucifer to destroy mankind. Secret societies are the ultimate pillar of deceit using the very thing Satan wants to destroy to carry out his agenda.


I know that someone like Kent Hovind is controversial in many ways. I’m not going to sit here and go through where I do and where I don’t agree with Hovind on various topics. However, his portion of knowledge and assertions on the Masonic Order and it’s origin in my opinion is spot on. He is currently incarcerated on multiple federal counts but I believe he is in some ways stronger in his faith than most of us would like to believe. How many of us would stick to a viewpoint in favor of God even if it meant it contradicts law? Of course the bible does tell us to “”Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” Mar 12:17, but either way, Hovind, however controversial, still stood his ground and was willing to go to prison to stand up for what he believed in.


This video is the proof that God was in my life working in me before I ever even thought about seeking truth or more specifically, Jesus. After picking up the guitar at age 11, I practiced everyday wanting to become a rock star. But as I went from band to band not getting the right combination of people committed enough to live out the dream, I decided to record tunes just for fun in my own time. I pitched several tracks to various publishing opportunities, but nothing ever panned out. I understand now, why they never did. This track you hear is one of those tracks that I recorded back in college. It’s amazing that just 6 years after leaving college, this track is used to show God’s word in light of some of the darkest stuff out there. Music I wrote and recorded as a means to show my own talent is not used to glorify the one God who was behind the music all along.




2 responses to “Age of Deceit Video Project #2

  1. Mr. Wow June 7, 2011 at 11:39 am

    “Hovind, however controversial, still stood his ground and was willing to go to prison to stand up for what he believed in.”

    Are you serious?

    Hovind is a fast talking, uneducated con man who takes advantage of good people by packaging snake oil and putting a Jesus label on it.

    Hovind was sent to jail for tax evasion. He stole money from the government and his employees at his business and when he was being audited by the IRS he threatened IRS agents and fraudulently tried to hide his assets.

    Hovind has done more to drive people away from Christianity than just about anyone else by his pathological twisted need to defend his narrow, and very strange view of Christianity.

    He is a con man and a fraud and deserves the ire of all good people.

    • facelikethesun June 7, 2011 at 1:29 pm

      I see your point of view and agree with it for the most part. But I used his voice specifically for his portion on the Masonic Order, what they believe, and what the Christian perspective is on it. “Satan is the one who is deceiving the world, these individual people are not the enemy and can be saved…” If you disagree with that statement, then point taken and we would have to have a whole different discussion.

      Hovind was one of the Christians who spoke on exposing the New World Order who was silenced. Those who know him suggest that he is innocent and was framed. In my opinion, it’s entirely possible. (Watch Aquarius: Age of Evil by Keith Thompson) But more to the point, no one is ever going to fully agree with any teaching done by any person. When I listen to his work on the Masonic Order, it’s sound and truthful and at the same time grounded in Christ and biblical teachings. So from my point of view, to fully discredit him would be a mistake.

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