Obama Speech and Alleged “Death” of Bin Laden

Last night we all saw Obama address the country in a speech that made him sound like he was the ultimate military leader portraying himself as the superstar president who brought down the leader of the terrorists who has been at the heart of much of the threat to Americans and the world in the last two decades. So what is really going on? Conspiracy theorists will run amuck saying that there is no proof of his death. Others danced in the streets and chanted “USA!” making us no better than any other nation who celebrates at the death of an alleged enemy. I’m all for national pride, but I get an unsettling feeling in my gut that this borders a “national cult”-ish mentality. In my mind, the reaction of the American people beckons the question, does this not further promulgate division? Does this not further divide us as a humanity? Does this bring us closer to peach? To me, it proves the deception that so many of us are under. I believe no one has all the answers, and that we each do our best to re-present the truth the best we can. But there are too many questions here for any honest truth seeker to just believe the information being spoon fed by the media.
In my opinion, this is another step in constructing the illusion of safety in America. Have we gotten closer to peace because we killed Bin Laden? I find that hard to believe. At best, this event was something that can ease the minds of those who were directly effected by the attacks on 9-11 and at least give them a sense of peace and justice. Outside of that, I think having too much national pride can be harmful to the “world peace” cause that so many people say they are advocates of.
I am going to get a bit more speculative on this topic. First off, back in 2001, if we are to assume that Bin Laden was the mastermind behind the 9-11 attacks, what it did was “unite” the country in an uproar to justify the US going to war. It was pitched as the “War on Terror” and as something that Americans did not ask for, but needs to be done for the safety of the country. In a similar way, could this possibly be a deliberate act to justify “pulling the trigger” on other attacks on our country or elsewhere around the world by these so called, “terrorists”? Again, I am speculating, but I find it difficult to believe that this is any kind of victory for anyone.
The second layer of this is getting more to my conspiratorial mindset. What important event happening around the world is being snuck by under the radar due to this ultimate distraction? This weekend has been very eventful with the Royal Wedding, the beatification of John Paul II, and now the announcement of the alleged death of Bin Laden. Some have pointed out the occult significance of the day May 1. Since I don’t have any reference to that, I won’t make further comments on it, but getting back to the issue, I always ask “Why?” and “Who benefits?” when it comes to large world events such as this one.
Why are all these things happening at the same time? Coincidence? That’s certainly a possibility and cannot be ruled out. But if you dig a little deeper, and compare it to the agenda of the elites, there are several questions that arise. First, was the use of the word “I” in Obama’s speech to promote himself as the sole proprietor of the death of Bin Laden a means to get himself elected to office again? It’s possible. His popularity was swaying in this country and this speech has definitely been a defining moment in his presidency. But deeper than that, on a personal level, why did I have such a hard time believing anything Obama said in his speech? Of course I have a hard time believing any politician, but this particular speech for some reason hit me in the wrong way. I kept thinking to myself, “How many Americans are going to buy this?”
Another question that came to mind was, “How does this event correlate with the master plan of the NWO and Illuminati?” I don’t think there is a simple answer to this one, but off the top of my head, I would say that this is a perfect gauge for the elite leaders to see how Americans in general are swayed by information coming from the media and government. If Obama is a puppet, he did a great job last night, since the crowds in front of the White House grew late into the night celebrating the alleged death of another human being. Furthermore, like I mentioned before, this could be a green light for the terrorists to begin a “retaliation” process justifying their camp to attack.
I know these are speculations and I’ve probably asked more questions than anything else here, but I hope it creates conversation amongst your peers, friends, and relatives since these are tumultuous times we are seeing and we need to talk about it. I’ve always felt that there is a “connection” between every political event portrayed on the world stage with all the other topics I hope to discuss on this blog like UFO’s, Aliens, Giants, Forbidden History, Conspiracy Theory, the Occult etc etc etc. But the best way to gauge any situation is to hold it up to the light of scripture. This is dangerous since many people in the coming weeks will find bible verses and passages to fit what we have just seen. This can be misleading and dishonest, but it’s our job to be discerning. If Bin Laden rises out of the sea alive in three days with a head would and a busted arm, that would be a whole different thing! God Bless.

3 responses to “Obama Speech and Alleged “Death” of Bin Laden

  1. D May 2, 2011 at 7:41 pm

    I’m afraid this whole development has only confirmed my fears about the “conspiracy theories” surrounding 9/11…

    Last year, when I was first learning about the various theories/claims about the Illuminat/”Hidden Hand” elites and so forth, I came across the various individuals pointing out the logical impossibilities of the fall of the THREE buildings in the World Trade Center…

    Unfortunately, I have come across nothing since which has been able to satisfy my questions as to how/why buildings could totally and suddenly collapse into their own footprint due to fires… Furthermore, there is absolutely NO valid explanation as to how building 7 suddenly collapsed, even though it was 300 feet away and was not hit by anything… All you have to do is watch the video footage, with an open mind, and suddenly there is no way the story that everyone believes can be true. The only thing preventing the populace from recognizing this is their unwillingness to consider the horrific possibility that it was carried out by people within their own beloved government…

    • facelikethesun May 2, 2011 at 7:50 pm

      100% agree…people roll their eyes at me when I bring up the conspiracy theory thing about 9-11. But the more they do, the more it becomes apparent for those who have the eyes to see and ears to hear. It’s a shame not more people are willing to consider the alternative.

      • D May 2, 2011 at 8:37 pm

        Indeed… If nothing else, to me it seems to function as sort of a “test run” of pulling off deception on such a massive scale. I mean, it’s not like other “conspiracy” questions which can’t necessarily be verified one way or another… But with this, we can ALL watch the footage! We can all watch buildings collapse which scientifically-speaking should never have fallen, or if they did, only the top parts would’ve fallen off to the side…

        If you were to TRY and get a steel-framed building to collapse in on itself simply by starting a fire or hitting it with a projectile, it would be like trying get a one-in-a-billion result, and yet we are collectively expected to believe that just such a thing happened THREE consecutive times in a single day…

        I am also astonished by the further evidence of the gullibility of the American people, upon hearing that the military “buried his body at sea, in accordance with Muslim tradition”…

        What????? It simply blows me AWAY that people do not find that the least bit odd! Since when do you immidiately dump the body of a supposed mass-murderer/terrorist??? Since when is it “Islamic tradition” to bury people at sea??? The story is so contrived it boggles my mind! How many other muslim “bad guys” has the U.S. killed, and how many of them were “buried at sea according to Muslim tradition”???

        If they really had Bin Laden’s body, they would undoubtedly take it off to Gitmo, or some other secure base, not get rid of it! Not to mention the curious fact that they were able to “bury him at sea” before the news of his death had even broke! How did they manage to do a DNA test so quickly? How did they get it out to the Indian Ocean before anyone even knew he was dead? Why is there not a single photo of the guy? The whole thing is so bogus…

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