Rant + Giants

Before becoming a Christian, I had a fascination with topics like UFO’s, Aliens, shadow governments, conspiracy theories, new age, and our hidden human history. Once I declared Jesus to be my Lord and Savior in 2008, I thought these topics were behind me, much to my discontent. But God has a funny way of revealing things to people. The fascination did not die with me being saved but I kept putting it off because I did not hear anyone at church talk about these things, and when I asked about them, I was told not to worry about it and that there are more important endeavors.

Nevertheless, I wanted to know what, if anything, Christians had to say about these topics. I began listening to Coast to Coast AM thinking that it’s the only outlet for these topics which are seldom discussed. In early 2010 on Coast to Coast AM, I heard LA Marzulli talk about bible prophecy. My interest was immediately perked because he was discussing something that I did not know a lot about which was bible prophecy, but he was also talking about UFO’s and Aliens, so I figured he was just another new age-y researcher using the bible to make a buck. I began looking into some of his work and was introduced to the Nephilim Trilogy. I didn’t get the books right away, but I after reading his blog to my surprise, I found out he was a believer in Jesus Christ and he was talking about aliens, UFO’s, giants etc. I was immediately hooked. Soon after, I sought to see if anyone else was discussing these topics. I quickly found P.I.D. Radio with Sharon and Derek Gilbert. They too were Christians talking about various topics that my church was not. Then the ball was rolling and I discovered the work of Russ Dizdar, Chris White, Dante Fortson, Futurequake, Tom Horn, Joe Jordan, Guy Malone, Steve Quayle, Jim Wilhelmsen and many many others. It’s still only a handful of people, but nevertheless, I think it’s important that the conversations continue not just in the Body of Christ, but outside of it as well since I don’t think many people realize how much truth there is in the bible regarding these topics. I believe these topics can be a tremendous evangelical springboard.

Last week, on LA Marzulli’s weekly show Acceleration Radio, LA had a guest on who wasn’t a Christian (at least he didn’t say so), but nevertheless was a researcher on the topic of our true human history. One thing to point out, which LA alludes to, is that I believe it’s important to have guests on podcasts and other such shows who may not be Christian, or are of different denominations or belief systems, because if we don’t we are being exclusive, unfair, and closed minded. We do not have to agree with everyone’s worldviews, but I believe hearing them out and at least giving them an opportunity to speak is important especially when they are doing research that pertains to topics that relate to the biblical account. And who knows, perhaps through such interaction, they may discover Christ. If we are not having the conversation, we are limiting the chance for the gospel to be heard.

Getting back to the topic, the guest was Klaus Dona, a researcher who has been looking into the true history of humanity. He has gone on several archeological excavations discovering bones of giants, and other ancient artifacts that seem to go against conventional human history. To me, it was reaffirming that the story of Genesis 6 were true:

“The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown. “-Genesis 6:4

Here is the LA Marzulli interview with Klaus Dona on Acceleration Radio:

Acceleration Radio: LA Marzulli interview with Klaus Dona

Now I respect LA Marzulli’s work because he really is doing his best to spread the gospel to the secular world. I don’t agree 100% with everything he says, but he writes good books, his Watchers DVD is very well done, and his ministry is unique. He makes me laugh almost every episode because he is so quirky and it’s obvious in the show. Somehow, his mic is on during commercials and you can hear him snort, cough, drink water, eat throat lozenges on air, and his house phone inevitably rings in the background on almost every episode. It is pretty unprofessional, but I have to say, it’s terribly entertaining.

I keep getting off track today, but getting back to the topic of giants, perhaps the best research done on giants is done by Steve Quayle. On his site, he has a section called Middle East Giants where he describes the various types of alleged giants as well as historical accounts of them. One in particular that caught my attention was the account written by Josephus who was a first century jewish historian. Here is what it says in a section titled Josephus on the Giants on Steve Quayle’s site.

“After telling in his histories what great difficulty the people of Judah faced in their long seige against Jebus, Josephus next reports that they left there to assist Caleb against the giants of Hebron. ‘And when they had taken it,’ he adds, ‘they slew all the inhabitants. There were till then left a race of giants, who had bodies so large, and countenances so entirely different from other men, that they were surprising to the eight, and terrible to the hearing. The bones of these men are still shown to this very day, unlike any credible relations of other men.'”

Josephus is saying that the bones of these giants were on display in the time of Jesus. This is to me is astonishing and I have to ask the question, what happened to them? There are other artifacts discovered like bones which have been declared human bones by credible scientists, but were 5 times larger. Many people today dismiss the reality of giants walking on earth as myth. But the evidence seems to suggest otherwise. It is difficult to find legitimate images on the internet of these artifacts since photoshop can do wonders. Some have been called out as deliberate hoaxes. But there are some classic images that seem to show that this is not simply just myth or folklore. Here are some of those images:

Now again, could these be hoaxes? Sure. But the fact is, there aren’t enough people doing excavations and archeological research on the topic. And perhaps this is on purpose. Certainly discovering a tomb of giant humans and making it public knowledge would rock the world. The theory of evolution would suffer a severe blow and the biblical account would become evermore factual in the eyes of the secular world. It is my belief that giants did walk the earth as written in the bible, and that bones, tombs etc have been found, but that the information is suppressed on purpose to  keep the majority of the public in the dark about our true human history, which lines up with the bible far more than modern scientific inquiry. I believe in the scientific dictatorship and that the common explanations of megalithic structures all around the world being put together by thousands of slaves pulling then and stacking them together is a perpetuated lie to continue to deceive the public to the our true human history.

Chris White has a video on the topic of genocide in the bible and how these tribes that God commands the Israelites to whipe out, may not have been human.

In the future, I hope to put together a video that springboards off of the Christ White video to show that not only was genocide in the bible a result of the Nephilim and the genetic contamination of man, but that there are also contextual issues regarding the argument that God was a homicidal maniac in the old testament.

In the meantime, I am almost done with the ghost hunting video and hope to have it up in the next week or two. God Bless!


4 responses to “Rant + Giants

  1. D April 20, 2011 at 4:52 pm

    I definitely agree that we can benefit greatly from listening to non-Christian researchers about many of these sorts of topics (so long as we remember to remain discerning and weigh everything they say against the standard of scripture).

    I also can totally relate to that “eureka” feeling of discovering the true meaning behind Genesis 6… When I started listening to guys like Marzulli, Thom Horn, Quayle, Dizdar, etc., late last year, it was like finally finding an interpretation of those verses in Gen. 6 that finally made sense. The whole “lines of Seth” theory just didn’t add up.

    I guess what is so striking to me about the whole Nephilim/giants issue is how it really exemplifies the willful ignorance of the majority of modern Christians, who reject the idea of angel/human hybrids, not because there is no scriptural basis for it, but seemingly because it simply offends our “modern” sensibilities of what is “real” in the world, and, I believe, because most Christians today have been conditioned to think that God just wouldn’t allow something that horrific to happen to humanity…

    It is because of this willful rejection of the true origin of the Nephilim that has also caused me to have some serious suspicions about the reasons as to why books like “The Book of Jubilees” and “The Book of Enoch” have been largely excluded from scripture and treated as “heretical”. Although I still don’t know exactly where I stand with those books, I have read them both and come to the conclusion that the only manner which they differ from overall content of the Old Testament is that they explicitly talk about the Nephilim, and the level of angelic involvement (both for evil and good) with the history of mankind…

    I must admit though that while I plainly see that while the Bible clearly says, “The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward…”, I do still wonder about how and why the angels were able to make hybrids again after the flood. I mean, God was so disgusted with what had become of humanity (and their mixing with the fallen angels) that He wiped it all out in the flood. But then God apparently allowed more fallen angels to do the same thing again…(?) It’s hard to understand why God would do that, but then again,, it’s really no different than being forced to wonder why God allowed the serpent into the Garden to tempt Eve, and anyone who takes the bible seriously at all has to concede that God did just that…

    It’s crazy though how much an understanding of the Nephilim starts to shed light on so much of the “mythology” of ancient civilizations, whether it’s myths about “gods” living on a mountaintop, or guys like Hercules, and so on. I personally believe that the vast majority of what is called “myth” is rooted in what was at least a partially-true, orally-transmitted history…

    One thing I’m not so sure about though is when guys like Steve Quayle (I was actually listening to an interview of his yesterday) talk about the Giants being buried under the earth in a state of “suspended animation”, which seems to imply that he believes that at some point they could be “reawakened” somehow… He even talks about using copper bullets to take down Nephilim and stuff like that, and that’s when I start to get a tad skeptical…

    Anyhow, great stuff, looking forward to your vid on ghost-hunting…

    • facelikethesun April 20, 2011 at 6:02 pm

      I’ve also heard of the giants underground in a sleep state. Actually Klaus also mentioned this. He spoke about how in asia, I can’t remember where exactly, they had to do several weeks of meditation to prepare to come in the presence of the sleeping giant because otherwise, you would just die in the presence of them. It sounds science fiction, but I guess anything is possible. It’s interesting that Josephus mentioned the sound of the giants and although that would simply be reffering to their voice, it may have been talking about some kind of spiritual or electromagnetic phenomenon but who knows.

      The question of why God allows suffering is certainly an interesting one. The bible says “also afterwards” with the sons of God, Benai ha elohim. I don’t think we have a firm grasp of how the spiritual realm and the physical realm interlink. It’s certain they influence each other, but from God’s perspective, He sees all. So it’s possible that although he terminated the physical entities in the flood to perserve humanity, He must have known that they will return. God must have anticipated this. Maybe the flood was a way to perserve humanity in the physical form and firmly establish the blood line for Christ knowing that the benai ha elohim would return. Maybe in the second incursion, there were restrictions or different boundaries he placed in our physical world? All of these are questions to ponder for sure.

      • D April 20, 2011 at 9:12 pm

        I hear ya… I was also listening to someone recently talking about (I think it’s in 2 Peter or something) where he says the angels “kept not their first estate”, which he was saying seems to infer that when the fallen angels made the decision to mate with human women, that act had the effective consequence of limiting them to some type of physical form, which I guess would explain how spiritual beings could mate with humans, (but then I still wonder how they even would have reproductive organs at all? But anyway, that’s getting a little graphic I suppose…)

        But anyhow, yeah, I think the fact that that the whole issue of the Nephilim raises so many of the technical types of questions has a lot to do with why most Christians don’t even want to go there. It does get pretty weird, and often leaves you with more questions than answers. But then again, the same thing could be said about tons of other things which we simply accept by faith because the Bible says it’s true (creation, miracles, angels, heaven, hell, etc.)… I think overall people just prefer to live in the “warm and fuzzy” version of the Universe where they don’t actually have to even consider the possibility of coming face to face with giants, or demons, or demon-hybrid-aliens, or the Illuminati “hidden hand” or whatever else… We want to be able to go to church, go out to lunch afterward, and live a safe, happy, secure life… We don’t want to be regarded as “weird” either, and talking about any of this stuff will definitely get that label slapped on you…

        But if it’s real, it’s real, and it really doesn’t matter if people think it’s scary or weird, because some day everyone is going to see the “big picture”, whether they want to or not…

    • Frank April 25, 2011 at 1:50 am

      Hey D, hey Face.

      Great blog, I see we were woken up by the same podcats ministries. Great to see another red pill walking around.


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